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Why I Am An Atheist
by Bhagat Singh
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38 pages; softcover

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Erythrós Press and Media

Why I Am An Atheist
by Bhagat Singh

Marxist revolutionary Bhagat Singh penned this profound indictment of religion as he languished in an Indian prison awaiting execution.  Accused of “arrogant pride and vanity” by critics who decried his sustained repudiation of theism, Bhagat Singh authored this compelling manifesto in an effort to articulate and expound upon his opinions on life and struggle.  Laden with polemics which lend new perspectives on fundamental philosphical questions of revolutionary theory, “Why I Am An Atheist” is a stirring argument against religious mysticism and dogma of every sort.  

Presented in a convenient, pocket-sized booklet, this concise volume also includes a biographical sketch of “Shaheed” (Martyr) Bhagat Singh.

The selections in this volume were obtained from the library of texts at Marxists Internet Archive ( All texts presented are Public Domain.

The biographical sketch of Bhagat Singh was compiled for Marxists Internet Archive by Mike Bessler in 2006.

“Why I Am An Atheist” was converted from the original Gurmukhi (Punjabi) to Urdu/Persian script by Maqsood Saqib and translated from Urdu to English by Hasan for Marxists Internet Archive in 2006.  The translation was proofread by Andy Blunden and Mike Bessler.

Some texts were edited to correct minor typographical errors and aesthetic concerns. With these exceptions, the texts were not revised with respect to the online source documents.

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