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Marxist Heroes of the World, Series 1 & 2
Trading Cards

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Erythrós Press and Media, LLC

Marxist Heroes of the World, Series 1 & 2

Presented exclusively by Erythros Press and Media, LLC, this set of six color trading cards commemorates the lives and legacies of three heroes of the movement.  Included in Series One are: Soviet partisan hero Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya (1923-1941); Greece's celebrated guerrilla leader Aris Velouchiotis (1905-1945), and China's martyred PLA soldier Liu Yingjun (1945-1966).  Series Two features DPRK's Kim Jong-suk (1917-1949), Dolores Ibarurri - better known as "La Pasionara" (1895-1989), and Comintern leader Georgi Dimitrov (1882-1949). Each card features a color likeness of the featured individual on the front of the card and a biographical sketch of on the card's reverse side. These trading cards are 2½" x 3½" and they fit in standard trading card holders and storage systems, including toploader series and mini-snap protectors.

Additional series are forthcoming.

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Price:  $5.00
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