Errata and Addenda Kirov book. Version 01 (06.11.13)

Addendum: Bibliography, with separate pages for works in Russian and not in Russian - 
Errata: URLs
p. 421: Tsar'kov interrogation of December 13,1934 read  (with no hyphen in the URL)
p. 156: Kirilina's full Russian text  is at   (Not "dropos")
Other errata:
p. 55: For "September 14, 1910" read "September 14, 1901"
p. 72: For "June 1937 Central Committee Plenum" read "June 1957 Central Committee Plenum."
p. 78, top: For "section Party fraction" read "secret Party fraction".
p. 80 note 43: For "Koestler's 1940 novel" read "Koestler's 1940 novel Darkness At Noon".
p. 92: For "discovered      's and Trotsky's correspondence" read "discovered Sedov's and Trotsky's correspondence."
p. 101: For "Wikipedia defines it as follows" read "'Logical Fallacies' defines it as follows".
p. 105: For "he assumes it, the fallacy of" read "he assumes it - the fallacy of…"
p. 106: For "… Lenoe attempts conjure away this evidence" read "attempts to conjure away…"
p. 106: For "still classified top secret in Russian libraries" read "…in Russian archives."
p. 114: For "such a result go far" read "such a result would go far".
p. 151: For "Why would Enikidze spread…" read "Why would Enukidze spread…"
p. 193: For "ZINOVIEV'S written director of June 30, 1928" read "written directive".
p. 264: For "…the Trotskyite views with which 1 returned" read "with which I returned".
p. 279: For "charges of which they prosecution spent…" read "of which the prosecution spent…"
p. 293 note 124: For "Oxford Englsih Dictionary" read "Oxford English Dictionary".
p. 300: For "during the investigation, which it had been determined…" read "when it had been determined....".
p. 304: For "decided that these facts did not appear" read "arranged that these facts did not appear."
p. 308: For "the killing of such person as…" read "of such persons as".
p. 318: For "Cohen failed to inform his readers the Swiss communist's revelations" read "inform his readers of the Swiss communist's revelations".
p. 328: For "just like Vassili, V and Vladimir Slepkov" read "Vassili and Vladimir Slepkov".
p. 337: For "Our study of Liushkov's account is in three parts" read "is in four parts".
p. 364: For "MUKHANOV has declared that the majority" read "MUKHANOVA has declared…"
p. 407: For "…Soviet historiography in the West since for 50 years" read "in the West for 50 years".