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 Red Detachment
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The Red Detachment of Women

16" x 20" deluxe canvas print

Limited Edition;
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Created by
Erythros Press and Media, LLC

The Red Detachment of Women
16" x 20" deluxe canvas print

This is a deluxe print of an original (newly commissioned) oil on canvas painting, inspired by a key scene in the Chinese Cultural Revolution era ballet The Red Detachment of Women. In this scene, peasant girl Wu Qinghua has escaped imprisonment by the oppresive landlord Nanbatian and fled to the forest where she encounters the Red Army and learns of her new path to freedom as a member of the  Red Detachment of Women.

The picture is 16 in. x 20 in. and it is printed on heavy canvas with a one-inch white border for stretching and framing. This is an incredibly stirring and vibrant image, created with exceptional consideration as to the details and spirit of the original scene.  Such a rare and beautiful work of art deserves to be framed and displayed for the appreciation those who study and enjoy the history and culture of modern China, in the political tradition of Mao Zedong.

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Detail view of print.

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