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Trotsky's "Amalgams"
Trotsky's Lies, The Moscow Trials
As Evidence, The Dewey Commission.
Trotsky's Conspiracies of the 1930s,
Volume One

 by Grover Furr

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538 pages; softcover
ISBN: 978-0-692-58224-4
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Erythros Press and Media, LLC

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Trotsky's "Amalgams"
Trotsky's Lies, The Moscow Trials As Evidence,
The Dewey Commission.
Trotsky's Conspiracies of the 1930s,
Volume One

The Harvard Trotsky Archive was opened to researchers in 1980. In it, researchers found evidence that Leon Trotsky deliberately lied many times and about many people and events. Other evidence of Trotsky's lies comes from his own writings and in documents from former Soviet archives.

Drawing upon primary sources from the Harvard Trotsky Archive and from former Soviet archives Grover Furr subjects the testimony of Moscow Trials defendants to a source-critical check and verification. His conclusion: their testimony is genuine, reflecting what the defendants chose to say.

The same primary sources, plus Trotsky's own writings, demonstrate that Trotsky lied about virtually everything concerning the Soviet Union in his writings about the three Moscow Trials of 1936, 1937 and 1938, his writings on the assassination of Sergei Kirov, and in his testimony to the Dewey Commission in 1937.

This book will revolutionize the understanding of the Moscow Trials. Trotsky’s writings and activities during the 1930s must be seen in an entirely new light.

The results of this research reveal much about Trotsky’s conspiracies in the 1930s.

Reviews and Comments on Grover Furr's Previous Book, Blood Lies:

"Grover Furr is at the cutting edge of contemporary historical research on the Soviet Union.  He is staunchly dedicated to correcting the revisionist history on the Soviet Union.  His work on the early-Soviet era is the most meticulous research masterfully draws on a detailed reading and analysis of the most authoritative archival sources available in Russia, Europe, and North America. His findings uniquely contradict the potted western academic narrative and form a crucial contribution to understanding the complex history of the early-Soviet era and are essential reading for scholars and students of 20th century European history."

- Immanuel Ness, Professor of Political Science, Brooklyn College, The City University of New York

"Blood Lies
is an almost line-by-line demolition/refutation of a mass-market-popular book on Stalin and the Soviet Union. The refutations are joined with replacing the lies, distortions and errors (with the 'errors' inescapably of sheer, wanton negligence, since they are so repeated) with what actually happened as documented reliably in the scholarship of others. The author, Grover Furr, beginning most prominently with an earlier book Khrushchev Lied, refuting the litany of lies told by Nikita Khrushchev in his ‘secret speech,’ decided enough was enough and has embarked on a second career beside being an accomplished medieval historian of systematically repudiating the vast cannon of accepted Anglo/US historical narrative of the USSR. What is interesting is how thoroughly dishonest the book that is being refuted is."

- Will Podmore, Librarian, The British School of Osteopathy and author of British Foreign Policy Since 1870 (2011) and The War Against the Working Class (2015)

"No creed is more obligatory than the 'anti-Stalin paradigm,' analyzed by Grover Furr, a rare scholar to risk vicious opprobrium for challenging allegations of Stalin's crimes, which serve as the main obstacle to belief in socialism. One approaches with expectation this follow-up to his critique of its quintessential expression in Timothy Snyder’s Bloodlands: Europe Between Hitler and Stalin, where  Stalin is Hitler's evil twin and his USSR Nazi Germany’s close cousin despite their claim to be polar opposites, embattled  in the war in which the USSR defeated fascism. In Blood Lies, Furr employs new archival material to expose the typical errors and dishonesty of charges against Stalin."

- Jackie DiSalvo, Professor of English, Baruch College - The City University of New York

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About the Author

Grover Furr began studying Russian language and literature as a teenager and became interested in Soviet history about a decade later. He has conducted extensive research on the Stalin period of Soviet history, on and off since the 1970s, and intensely for the past decade. To read his research, as well as interviews in which he explains his research more throughly, visit his home page. Furr teaches in the English Department at Montclair State University.  He has a Ph.D. in Medieval Comparative Literature from Princeton University. 


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